Introduction to the properties of 1-Bromopropane

1-Bromopropane with CAS number of 106-94-5 is also named as Bromopropane .It is an organic solvent used for the cleaning of metal surfaces, removal of soldering residues from electronic circuit boards, and as an adhesive solvent. It has quite a potent smell. 1-Bromopropane is an organic solvent used for the cleaning of metal surfaces, removal of soldering residues from electronic circuit boards, and as an adhesive solvent. It has a characteristic hydrocarbon odor.
1. Use of 1-Bromopropane
1-Bromopropane is used as alkylating agents to introduce the alkyl groups to form carbon-carbon bonds in organic synthesis. They are also used as intermediate to form alkylated amines and alkylated metallic compounds. The end products include pharmaceuticals, insecticides, quaternary ammonium compounds, flavours and fragrances.
1-Bromopropane is also used as solvent for industrial cleaning (degreasing, metal processing and finishing, electronics, aerospace and aviation), aerosols, textiles, adhesives , inks and coatings.
2. Properties of 1-Bromopropane


Molecular Formula:C3H7Br

CAS Registry Number:106-94-5 

Synonyms:n-Propyl bromide; Bromopropane,98%; 1-bromo-propan; 1-Brompropan; bromo propane; Bromopropane; Brompropan; n-C3H7Br; n-propyl; n-propylbromide(1-bromopropane); Propyl bromide


HS Code:29033036

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid

Molecular Weight:122.99


Boiling Point:71℃

Melting Point:-110℃

Flash Point:-4.5℃

Storage Temperature:Flammables area

Refractive index:1.4326-1.4346

Solubility:2.5 g/L (20 oC)

Stability:Stability Flammable – note low flash point. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong bases.
Usage:Use is as a solvent, generally for fats, waxes, or resins, or as an intermediate in the synthesis of other compounds.
Chemical Properties: colourless liquid
General Description: A colorless liquid. Slightly denser than water and slightly soluble in water. Flash point below 75°F. When heated to high temperatures may emit toxic fumes.
Air & Water Reactions: Highly flammable. Slightly soluble in water.
Reactivity Profile: Halogenated aliphatic compounds, such as 2-Bromopropane, are moderately or very reactive. Reactivity generally decreases with increased degree of substitution of halogen for hydrogen atoms. Low molecular weight haloalkanes are highly flammable and can react with some metals to form dangerous products. Materials in this group are incompatible with strong oxidizing and reducing agents. Also, they are incompatible with many amines, nitrides, azo/diazo compounds, alkali metals, and epoxides. Emits toxic fumes of bromine when burned.
Health Hazard: Irritating to the eyes, nose, throat, upper respiratory tract, and skin.
3. Safety Information of 1-Bromopropane

Hazard Codes: F,T

Risk Statements: 60-11-36/37/38-48/20-63-67

60: May impair fertility

11: Highly Flammable

36/37/38: Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin

48/20: Harmful: danger of serious damage to health by prolonged exposure through inhalation

63: Possible risk of harm to the unborn child

67: Vapors may cause drowsiness and dizziness

Safety Statements: 53-45

53: Avoid exposure – obtain special instruction before use

45: In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show label where possible)

RIDADR: UN 2344 3/PG 2

WGK Germany: 2

F: 8: Photosensitive.

HazardClass: 3

PackingGroup: II

HS Code: 29033036

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